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Delonix Glass specialises in selling fine handmade glass ornaments. We are based in London, England.

The scientific Crookes Radiometer (Light Mill) is a fascinating English invention and is perfectly suited for glass. Hand blown glass details the refined nature of a Radiometer that requires its owner to watch and enjoy the mesmerising motion of each piece and experience serene contemplation to the maximum.

Our range of contemporary and classic Light Mills display artisan hand crafted glass work by combining traditional glass blowing techniques and modern designs; all items are handmade by experienced skilled Thuringian artisan glass workers.

Glass is an amazingly versatile medium and there are endless possibilities for new ideas, techniques and beautiful designs. We also sell some beautiful tea-light lanterns designs.

We do offer other hand crafted glass items at times, and these will be displayed when available.

Crookes Radiometers blended with artistic input have the merit of being educational as well as a beautiful, aesthetic and mesmerising addition to the home. We hope to share this with the public, as well as appreciation for glass crafts in general.

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